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Business Funding Opportunites


We are not your traditional financial services provider.

We do something extraordinary and different!

How Can we be of service to you? 

We have a system and business plan in place to help the masses on an entirely different level.

Do you answer Yes to any of these question?

Do you need a credit line?

Do you need funding for real estate? 

Do you need business start-up funding? 

Or do you just need adviCe on what would be the best option for YOUR financial outcome?



We also provides resources to assist individuals and business owners like you in getting you the funding you need so that you can fund your business, invest in your next property deal or to pay off debt.


What We Do


Whether you’re a Small Business, a Real Estate Investor, or looking for a Personal Loan to pay off debt, Smart Investment Group LLC  is here to help you obtain funding quickly with a simple 3 Step Application Process that gives you the funding within as little as 5-10 days or less. Smart Investment Group LLC works with hundreds of national, regional, and local lenders and credit unions who are ready to offer you flexible options.




Loans For All Types of Businesses!   


Startup, Expansion, Debt Consolidation, Payoff & Refinance old debt. 

Get rid of Expensive loans. All business types considered. 


We have worldwide capability for Purchase, Refinance, Development, Construction, and Expansion ! 


Creative Financing For Difficult & "Hard-to-Fund" Transactions.  Unconventional Methods That Work!!   












Who We Fund


Startup & Existing Businesses



  • Startup & Working Capital
  • Equipment
  • Payroll
  • Brick & Mortar
  • Business Expansion
  • And More...



Personal Funding



  • Pay Off Debt
  • Refinance Home
  • Home Repairs
  • Wedding Planning
  • And More...



Simple 3 Step Process Includes:


Complete Loan Application


Speak to Funding Expert to go over Loan Application


Obtain Funding in as little as 5-10 days or less


Get Started Today!






Subprime SBA


  • $30,000 to $23,000,000
  • Rates from 6.25% to 8.25%
  • Monthly Payments
  • No Prepay Penalty Options
  • 10 to 25 Years Amortized
  • 550 Credit Minimum
  • 1 Year Min. Time in Business
  • Few Restricted Industries
  • Debt/MCA Consolidation
  • Unrestricted Working Capital
  • Nationwide Program
  • Over $100 Million Funded!



No Credit Check


  • $100 to $100,000
  • Rates From 4.66%
  • No Credit Check
  • No Paperwork
  • No Prepay Penalty
  • 12 to 24 Week Terms
  • Next Day Funding
  • No Upfront or Junk Fees
  • No UCC or Lien Filings
  • No Collateral Required
  • Nationwide Program
  • Few Restricted Industries




Importance Links


Application Process



Click your unique link  above and are directed to a setup

 landing page

Input your business  email address, phone #, choose a password and

click "Get      Started"

Connect their business  bank account, are automatically underwritten

and either approved or  declined

If approved,  client can   draw down their line the next business day and

pay it back any time  without penalty


About the Business LOC Product ($100 to $100,000 LOC)



There is no minimum score  requirement, a soft credit pull is done at

application which does not  effect credit 

A hard credit pull is only  conducted if the borrower accepts the

approved funding amount

Funding is available to most business types and in all 50 states

Businesses in operation >   6 months and with > $25K in revenue

are eligible

Line terms are 12 weeks and fees are only 0.5% to 0.8% of the

drawn amount per week, there are no  other fees


Apply for a Real Estate Loan (it only takes 5 minutes)


Apply for a Business Loan (it only takes 2 minutes)



business line of credit product:








Check our Financial Factory

Our Financial Factory is a full service business finance and consulting

Through our marketplace, we offer a full suite of financing programs

and small business services nationwide. From our executives to our loan

specialists, our entire team has the DNA of an entrepreneur. Our

knowledgeable staff develops a funding strategy designed not only

around your short term needs, but also your long-term vision. Whether

you are a start-up looking for working capital, an existing business

acquiring a competitor or purchasing new equipment, Our Financial

Factory has options that will accomplish your goals at competitive costs.


Need Loan Agents???

Join Finance Factory’s Agent Program Today!

Our agent program was designed to provide referral partners an easy

way to submit, track, and fund deals. Finance Factory is a boutique

marketplace offering several different funding programs for your

clients. We’ve been in business for over a decade and are inviting you

to join in our success as we continue our strong performance through

our innovative products and services.




Can't Find the Financing and Credit your

Company Needs?

The Corporate Credit Network's Business Funding and Credit


The Corporate Credit Network can build you a corporate credit score

that WILL help you establish corporate credit and financing, regardless

of personal credit!

Does This Work?

YES! Over 13,000 Companies have gone through this program since 

2001, and are obtaining the following right now...Without any Personal




  • Company Credit Cards
  • Vendor lines of Credit
  • Computer Leases
  •  Vehicle Leases (No Social!)
  • Business Equipment and Supplies
  • Store Cards (Home Depot, Nordstrom's, Etc...)
  • Lower Interest
  • Company SBA & Bank Loans
  • Commercial & Private Property
  • Business Lines of Credit


CCN is the Definitive Resource and Service

WE can help your company jump-start it's financing needs. More than

just a cheesy e-book, this is the Internet's longest standing Corporate

Credit Building Program. Sit back and let us do the work for you, worry

free, risk free, with a real guarantee. Don't risk your company's credit

future! Entrepreneurs come to us everyday to erase the mistakes of

copy-cat websites and useless information. We will save you the time,

headache, and money needed to understand and establish Business

Credit immediately. We have developed a very simple 4 step process

to achieve a solid credit rating with the two business reporting agencies

within 90-120 days.


Building a rock solid corporate credit profile has never been easier.

Banks, Vendors, Business Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Commercial

& Private Lenders, Leasers and just about any credit grantor wants

to know ONE thing about your business.

Credit Lines, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Property, Cars, Trucks, Leases,

Office Supplies, Computers, Home & Large Office Equipment,

Landscaping Supplies you name it... members are getting approved for

right now without using their SSN number, risking their personal credit

, or getting declined because of poor credit.


Learn More

CCN can guarantee a MINIMUM of $50K

because we do the work for you.

$50,000 in Non Personally Guaranteed

Credit or your MONEY BACK! 
 PLUS access to thousands of

companies willing to share their


Trusted: Since 2002, now OVER 13,000


Simple... Reporting, Real-Time

A service you can CALL and TRUST,

Exclusive Vendors, Real Results. 

DON'T risk getting red-flagged with

bad information!


Need Personal or Business Funding???



Qualify for personal lines of credit up to $300k with min 640

Gain pre-approval in minutes to a few hours of a business day

Enjoy 0% interest for 9 to 15 months and competitive rates after


Fund your business or use for investing. (Invest Responsibly!

Smart Investment Group are not responsible for client misuse

of funds)






How to obtain line of credit?

The biggest challenge start up businesses and individuals have is obtaining funding. Our program is second to none. We help businesses and individuals get unsecured cash credit lines all the time. If your FICO credit score is 650 or higher, we can probably get you funding.

Your opportunity to get access to up
to $250K in unsecured business credit 
won't be available much longer. 

If you hurry, you have time to catch
our biweekly live training coming soon…

During our training, you'll learn:

- How to get a zero interest loan 
 to use however you want in your 
 real estate business or other industries.

- Steps you can take to get up to 
 $250,000 in business credit,
 even if you have no credit.

- A simple technique to improve 
 your credit by 50+ points in a 
 few short months

- Plus much more! 

Hope you don't miss out.

Learn More

Send us an email at needcapitalfundingtoday@yahoo.com 

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