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The best savings vehicle for a college fund? There are several alternatives and everyone’s situation is unique. Using an IUL to fund your child's education needs may be the best fit for you.

An IUL can provide you with more flexibility in many ways.

  • No restrictions on school choice
  • No restrictions on contributions
  • Indexed Universal Life policies will not affect financial aid

With rising tuition costs and inflation…

  • Will you have enough money for your children to go to college?
  • What if your child wants to go out of state, or to a private institution?
  • What is the best way to save for college and guarantee the money will be there when you need it most?

An IUL can provide you with higher returns on your investment.

  • Enjoy upside of the market
  • Maximize performance with guaranteed floor
  • Never have less money than you did the year before.



As college costs are expected to continue climbing, let an insurance professional help you plan for your child's education expenses. Life insurance can be vital in helping you save college funds for your children. Whether you're there or not.





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