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Financial Needs Analysis


Let us help you meet your financial goals


“How much life insurance do I need”?


It can be hard to answer that question on your own. ECG agent can help you find an answer through a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), a no-cost, no-obligation service designed to determine your life insurance needs.

The FNA process is strictly confidential. If you determine that our products and services won’t help you, there will be no further appointments or contact.

By taking the four steps to financial security we can help you assure financial independence.

Why is it important to conduct FNA on a constant basis? 

When you think about the following items or services, how do you define them? As a want or a need?

  • • A new car every four years
  • • A workable retirement savings plan
  • • A 60” HDTV
  • • Adequate life insurance
  • • “Dream” vacations every year
  • • A one-year emergency fund

What the FNA Covers

Reach Your Financial Goals Faster


Just about everyone could benefit from putting together a formula to reach his or her financial goals. A ECG representative can help you design a recipe for success. ECG’s Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) is a tool that has been used by millions over many years, to not only get families where they want to go, but to also get there faster.

Do you:

  • – Have children?
  • – Face a future filled with debt?
  • – Plan to retire someday?
  • – Want to better understand how money works?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you could find an FNA extremely helpful. A Primerica representative can produce a personalized FNA for you with about half an hour of your time. We’re so certain you’re going to find the FNA useful that we offer it as a complimentary service! It’s also confidential and has no strings attached. You just need to do it.

Learn More About ECG

Find out more about how ECG helps families, not only with our financial solutions, but also with our business opportunity.

The FNA Can Help You With:


Debt Elimination
Discover strategies for paying off credit cards and loans in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Retirement Solutions
Receive a detailed analysis regarding the amount of money you need to live the retirement of your dreams.

Income Protection
Find out what you need to do to ensure your family's financial future should you die prematurely.

Education Funding
Estimate the actual costs for sending your child to a specific school and find out how to fund your child's education.

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