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Personal Lines

  • AUTO  - We can find placement for any automobile to include classics and RV's



  • Home - All homes can be covered to include, condos, townhouses and mobile homes.



  • Dwellings - Dwelling coverage is provided up to $10 million for vacant and rental properties owned by individuals (Residential units can not exceed 4 units). We can also cover homes near brush or the coast, seasonal homes, homes with prior losses, Co-ops, Apartments, Century old row-homes and custom built homes. Coverage is also provided for properties that are Bank owned, Estate owned, Real Estate owned and Bankruptcies are also eligible.



  • Flood - Flood covergae is available for homes in flood certified areas.



  • Personal articles - this coverage is provided for collections such as jewelry, fine Art, Antiques and more.



  • Personal Recreation - Coverage is provided for Motorcycles, Motorhomes, RV, Off-road vehicles, Watercraft and classic wooden boats.



  • Personal Umbrella - Excess coverage is provided for affluemt individuals to cover Trust, Estates, Individuals, Personally owned LLC's, Primary locations, Vacation/Seasonal exposures, Rentals, Vacant land and course of construction.



  • Renters - coverage is provided for individuals renting  a home, apartment, condo, etc.



  • Watercraft - covergae is provided for Boats and Yachts.

  • Aircraft/Aviation - covergae provided for Corporate/Charter, Aircraft services, Airports & FBO's, Flight Training facilities, Aircraft & Avionics maintenance, Personal and light sport Aircraft. 



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