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Fire Property Damage


With our professional experience and knowledge of fire claims, we will give you comfort in knowing that the best and proficient public adjusters are working for you. Regardless of the fact that your policy has passed, you could still be qualified to receive a settlement! Moreover, we are continually surprised at the number of victims of property loss that allow the insurance companies adjuster to tell them what amount of their loss is worth.

You need a protection settlement master on your side to assist you with your insurance claims, insurance settlements, and to maximize your settlement.


What to do and what not to do


If you are involved in a fire everyone’s first concern is to make sure your family and anyone that was in the property is safe. If possible try to take safe any ids such as passports, insurance information, medical information, glasses, medical devices such as hearing aids, checkbooks  and lastly valuables such as jewelry.

  • Do not touch the fire scene
  • Prevent further damage by tarping the roof, boarding up windows etc.
  • Take lots of pictures or videos. These will be used for reference by you and possibly needed / used as evidence for your claim
  • Inventory damaged items before they are discarded. They must be cataloged to ensure consideration when filing the claim
  • Safe the receipts of all expenses. Any and all expenses need to be turned in with your claim
  • You do not have to sleep at a friend’s house! Your policy entitles you to stay in a hotel.

Remember we are here to assist you. A licensed public adjuster is a phone call away. We will help make sure your Fire Damage Insurance Claim is properly organized and submitted.



Water Property Damage



Water damage policy claims might be very challenging to present to your insurance company. Because water is a fluid substance, most water damage cases are hard to full trace. At Edmond Consulting Group LLC, we will have well trained appraisers that will inspect your property using the latest technology to uncover hidden damages.

We have cataloged an approved list of restoration companies that are prepared to write you an estimate for what needs to be done, and we can have them on at your location quickly in an emergency. Your insurance company will demand that you acted quickly to prevent further damage to the property, which is a requirement under everyone’s policy.



Wind Property Damage



Every year Tornadoes, high wind and hail contribute to almost two billion dollars in damage ($2 Billion) nationwide. Roofs, gutters and siding are especially susceptible to damages resulting from wind and hail related weather. This kind of damage can easily result in water leaks. Water leaks can result in mold, rot, settling and many other issues. Edmond Consulting Group LLC will professionally inspect your property and prepare your claim with the aid of a host of roof experts and engineers at our disposal on your behalf. Entire roof replacements are common. You do not have to settle for a “patch job” on your roof.



Vandalism Property Damage


Edmond Consulting Group LLC handles all forms of vandalism claims for both home and business. Graffiti, broken glass or windows, general destruction of property, random acts of violence or riot are just a few of the things we deal with on a regular basis. Note that while vandalism is often apparent, hidden damage id often discovered upon a closer inspection by our team. Like all damage, try to take pictures or video as soon as the even is noticed. Documentation and further damage avoidance are typically the most important aspects when it comes to claims.



Burglary Property Damage



We all feel sick as victims of burglary. Before it happens, it is best to take pictures or video of all rooms in your home or business. Most people don’t take time to consider burglary can happen to them. Have no fear, Edmond Consulting Group, LLC will pain painstakingly assist you in creating a list of stolen items in order to file your claim!

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